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Documentaries • Large Format Films • TV Series

For more than 25 years, the Birla Brothers have delivered high quality productions for IMAX®, cinema, and television industries.


A Giant Screen Documentary


Tiger Tiger follows the journey of Alan Rabinowitz, the leading big cat conservation scientist of our time, as he ventures deep into the mangrove forests of India and Bangladesh seeking the little-known Sundarbans tiger. 

Tiger Tiger will debut on giant screens the world over starting in Spring 2024. Over 10 years in the making, Tiger Tiger was filmed from the jungles of Bangladesh and India, to the metropolis of Kolkata, and from the quiet serenity of Upstate New York to the lush wetlands of British Columbia. 

Tiger Tiger : The Imax Documentary is the final film

from Academy Award nominated

director, George Butler. (Pumping Iron) 





Professor Stephen Hawking presents Brave New World, a global exploration of the scientific breakthroughs that are transforming our lives in the 21st century. Brave New World examines how scientists are battling the world's big killer diseases, breaking down the barriers between man and machine and expanding our understanding of the universe. From the shores of the Pacific to the ice-storms of Canada, the team of experts unearths the amazing breakthroughs that are transforming the resilience and strength of the human body.

IMAX®, K2 Communications


Follow in the footsteps of Jim Corbett, the famed English hunter-naturalist, as he races to save an Indian village from the terror of a man-eating tiger. Along his journey he expresses his passion for tigers and explores the issues of tiger conservation. The film is also a historical epic depicting India from 1910 to the modern era. Starring critically acclaimed Indian actress Smriti Mishra and Christopher Heyerdahi.

Aboriginal People's Television Network


As a teenager, James Jones was a gang member living on the streets of Edmonton. Hoop dancing helped him escape that world. Banned for generations, traditional ceremonies, including dancing are seeing a rebirth in indigenous communities. Today James is a rising star, dancing with A Tribe Called Red, performing and competing on the world stage. He is also using traditional dance to help indigenous youth stay out of gangs and off the streets.


The award-winning Birla Brothers have over 25 years of experience telling global stories in the IMAX®, cinema, and television industries. Their work on endangered species, Indigenous peoples, historical and cultural figures, and food has led them to lead productions in North America, Europe, and South Asia.

Keero Birla

Keero is a Canadian documentary filmmaker whose work has garnered international awards, including the Warner Prize for Environmental Filming. He has led crews over the world, from the Flaming Cliffs of Mongolia to the mangrove forests of India, often in challenging circumstances, to produce spectacular projects that explore our world through science, environment, economics, cuisine and culture and the natural world.

Abhish S. Birla

Abhish has over 20 years of experience in film, television and large format. He has produced international documentaries and documentary series for White Mountain Films, National Geographic International, the History Channel, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). Abhish is accomplished in several capacities, and has received numerous awards and nominations for production, direction, editing, and sound from Canadian and American guilds. His work on Indigenous peoples, endangered species, and historical and cultural figures has led him to supervise crews in North America, Europe, and South Asia.




Abhish & Keero Producing ON TT Set_edited.jpg

We put together great teams and are experienced in producing films in the most remote and challenging regions of the world. Our technical expertise in sound and editing, as well as sharp negotiation skills, create significant advantages allowing us to produce with efficiency, creativity, and fiscal-responsibility.


Imax Camera on TT Set_edited.jpg

We tell great stories, directing with efficiency and an inventive nature. Our background in large-format film pushes us toward bold visuals. We quickly gain the confidence of film subjects and

adapt to on-the-ground circumstances to maximize resources and create high production value.


Editing with Headphones

Editing services are offered with a clear understanding of subject, character and story. We strive to provide the best final product, in a spirit of collaboration with production teams.

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